1K Daily Profit Is Scam !! Software Review Exposed !!


Just like me, every one of you has the dream to become millionaire even with no or little investment. But many of you think that it can happen just in the dreams but not in reality, right! I am also one of you and I was used to think in the same way as you think. But, finally I got the key and I will suggest to you as well. After going through a lot of research and even scams, I finally came to know about 1K daily profit that is one of those binary options trading robots that claims to make the users able to make huge money daily. So is it really useful or just scam? Let’s take a review of it.


What is 1K daily profit?

1K daily profit serves its users in maximizing their profits even on daily basis. However the main focus of 1K daily profit is to minimize the risk associated with the binary options trading system out there. What I liked the most in 1K daily profit robot was that the registration process was very easy. Just like any sort of registration, they will ask your basic information like full name, contact number, email ID, etc and after verifying your registration, you will automatically jump into the website of any dedicated brokerage company.

How much you have to invest in 1K daily profit?

As far as the website claims, 1K daily profit software is totally free to download and you are free to use this software for free even lifetime. I was excited but I was amazed on the flip side till the completion of my sign-up as they didn’t demand even a single penny. But once I signed up, I was automatically redirected into the broker’s account where I had to pay $250, it was risky but I did pay as it was a must to get my account opened and to start trading in 1K daily profit robot.

Did I found it SCAM?

The most valuable thing on the website of 1K daily profit was the testimonials that inspired me and forced me to get myself engaged in this trading robot. However, I couldn’t find whether those testimonials were real or were written by some paid actors just to grab the attention of people, if so, they succeeded to attract me. One reason why I thought of it as scam was that the site contained only a little information regarding the strategies as well as algorithms. In spite of having a number of claims how people could make real money, there are just a few evidences to prove it. Because of this reason, people get confused and think it as scam.


What is the basic strategy of 1K daily profit?

Basically, 1K daily profit is all about providing you with the binary option signals. These signals are actually provided to you on the basis of various algorithms that relate to the opinions of experts about the market. Hence 1K daily profit basically provides you guarantee that you will definitely enjoy the positive results if you follow their signals and engage yourself in a binary option trading. Besides that, 1K daily profit will also trade itself on your behalf however you are free to change this function anytime.

How to get started with 1K daily profit?

To start up with this trading robot, you have to sign up first that I have already discussed. After signing up with the broker, 1K daily profit will provide free signals to you so you can start trading. This is actually the step where your actual earnings tend to start. To withdraw the earnings, you are supposed to follow the rules and regulations of brokers hence carefully come to read such conditions prior to proceeding anything.

How is 1K daily profit unique?

With 1K daily profit trading robot, you will get the guidelines as well as sufficient educational material step by step so no chances are there to get confused. During signing up, you will be provided with the video tutorial and hence you will learn the entire system of this broker even before you are engaged in this system. However there are no evidences to make us say anything confidently about them being scam or legal.

1K daily profit trading robot is very user-friendly; you are able to supervise your progress together with trade on your desktop or system and also, you can turn off or turn on the auto trading options via just a single click. You will be allowed to select the number of trades that are to be placed by the system itself on your behalf; 1 trade (low), 3 trades (medium) and 5 trades (high). Besides that, you are also provided with the option to choose the trading amount like you can choose $100, $75, $50 or even $25.

What are the pros and cons?

I didn’t invest anything just like I jump in a well without thinking about the future but I researched a lot about the pros together with cons associated to 1K daily profit. Finally, I conclude a few major ones for you here:


It is entirely web-based.

The sign-up is free of cost.

It provides tutorials about every step.

It is basically simple user interface.


It provides limited tradable assets.

There is no strong evidence to prove it legit or even scam.

There is only minimum language support.


As far as my experience, research and feedback is concerned, regardless of the doubt about it as scam or legal, I still recommend it on the grounds of being reliable as compared to many others working in the same line. You will be provided with the extensive choices of trades and this point makes it more convenient while comparing it with the company standards. After going through all the details and reviews, I didn’t find any authentic complaint regarding 1K daily profit in their forums or even on the web. Hence I must say, it is comparatively the best BOTR out there.


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